Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in a tasting?

Our tastings are all about coffee education and celebrating the beauty that is the coffee bean. Expect to learn, enjoy, and experience a new way of approaching and tasting coffee. We focus a ton on the home brewers side of coffee, feel free to come loaded with questions and anecdotes for our experienced team to help with!

Why do we recommend drinking blxck coffee?

When we speak of celebrating terroir, origin, producer, and barista we want to give you a chance to taste the unencumbered taste of our beautiful offerings. We always have milk/milk substitutes available on demand.

How is Epoch’s coffee different?

We specialize in single origin coffee, lighter roasts, with bold defined flavours. Our coffee is traceable, diverse and can be supported by an extremely experienced and passionate team

What is circularity? 

Circularity is a way of consumption that focuses on dealing with the problems of environment in this generation, not kicking it to the next.

Does water temperature matter?

Water temperature can have a huge impact on coffee, particularly those roasted a bit lighter. To maximize your coffee experience we are happy to advise a recommended temperature for a particular coffee/brew method. As a base, you can always start between 92-94c 

Why do you use a scale?

Consistency is the name of the game. Have you ever had that amazing coffee on a Tuesday, but cannot replicate it for the rest of the week? Well, with a scale every coffee can be excellent. This is also the easiest way to follow along with the recipes our alchemists post and share.

Coffee upsets my stomach, is there a different kind of coffee I can enjoy?

Coffee doesn’t always suit everyone. For those suffering from issues of upset stomach we recommend trying a pour over method for your extractions and we can choose coffee based on your pallet from there!

Is our coffee fair trade? 

Our coffee is beyond fair trade. We, as a team, often pay 3x4x5 more than the fair trade wage for coffee. If you have any questions about our specialty coffee feel free to reach out directly. In the idea of full transparency, we will always share the costs associated with our offerings.

I like dark roast coffee, what would you recommend for me?

For the darker roast lovers out there, try our line of coffee labeled the ‘Epoch 6’ you will find a bold, decadent easy to brew offering there.

Do you roast your own coffee?

We do roast our own offerings, our list is small currently but stay tuned. We have a ton of coffee in the pipeline for you all.

What is “specialty” coffee?

Specialty coffee was a term coined in the 1970s, it refers to coffee with no defects that score about 80 points on the cupping score card. For us, we interpret this more as a duty to the communities we work with. Be it paying a higher premium to support educational practices, to roasting using a zero carbon footprint roaster. Specialty coffee is all about highlighting and celebrating excellence.

Do you have “good” decaf coffee?

We are on a personal mission for the world's best decaf.We are proud of the decaf offerings we provide. Expect robust and diverse tasting notes

How long does caffeine stay in your system? 

We all respond to caffeine differently, but on average caffeine stays for 4 hours in our blood.

What does the Epoch 6, 9, or 3 mean?

The 6, 9, 3 are how we talk about different flavour profiles of our offerings. The 6 is a decadent, bold coffee. The 9 is floral and sweet. The 3 is a juicy, experimental coffee!

How long does coffee stay fresh for?

Whole bean coffee will keep its integrity for 3-4 months past roast date. Ground coffee has a shorter lifespan of about 3-5 days.

What types of brew gear do you offer?

If there is a way to brew coffee, we sell it. Check out our store or reach out to one of our experienced technicians 

What is blooming coffee?

Blooming coffee refers to a preparation of the coffee bed where you use hot water to extract carbon dioxide from the ground coffee.

What is the GROUNDCTRL brewer?

GROUNDCTRL is an immersion batch brewer, award winning performance, groundbreakingly delicious coffee.

What is the perfect grind for my brew method?

  • French press (COARSE)
  • Espresso (FINE)
  • Pour over (MEDIUM)
  • Drip (MEDIUM-FINE)
  • Aeropress (depends on how you use it)

Do you sell blade grinders? (Blade Grinders vs. Burr Grinders: What’s the difference?)

No. only burr

When are you open for drop ins?

Thursday 12-5

Friday 12-5 

Saturday 12-5

Sunday 12-5

Do you deliver?

We deliver for free in the GMA every Wednesday morning. 

What is single origin coffee?

Depending on the region this definition can change. Normally, single origin will refer to one place that the coffee is processed, with farmers bringing their coffee from within 10-15km.

Why do you carry other roasters?

We want to be the best in the world, we can only get there by learning from the best. We carry one of the most serious line-ups of coffee available in Canada. 

What is the optimal time for an espresso shot?

21-35seconds depending on the type of shot and coffee

What gear do you use in the tasting room?

Behind our bar: GS3 Lamarzocco, Gravimetrics Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 

How long do your coffee bags last?

3-4 months comfortably after the listed roast date

What’s the average price per cup on a bag of your coffee?

The average price per cup is between 50-75c per cup for a $20 bag of Epoch 6 (as an example)

Why should I grind my coffee right before using? 

Freshly ground coffee allows for the most consistency and flavour maximization.

How do I make my coffee less bitter?

Try grinding coarser, using a different brew method, cooling down your water, or buying lighter roasted coffee


How do your subscriptions work?

Two bags monthly shipping out on the 15th. These coffees are curated and only available to subscribers. We specialize in sourcing exciting microlots for you to enjoy.


Where does your coffee come from?


We source from the top 5% of farms in the world. Origins you can expect range from Brazil, Peru, Guatamala, Costa Rica, Panama, Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia to name a few


Is your coffee organic?

Most of our coffee is organically certified, but unfortunately most of our partner farms cannot afford this certification year over year.


Do you ship outside of Canada? Worldwide?

We do ship anywhere in the world. 

How do I get a refund/ exchange?

Contact anyone at or in store to handle any issues or returns.

Do you serve food?

We do not serve food, however we do often carry some local food products. Currently we have McGuire chocolate available for purchase.

Where else can I buy your coffee?

Wellness Exchange, Cafe Archibald, Atelier Tony, Dolma, CoPain, Dumais Fruits et Legume, Sequoia Fredericton, McGuire Chocolate, BAR55.

Do you have non-coffee beverages?

We have water.

Do you offer classes? (Latte art, espresso, etc)

Our specialty classes happen once per month

Do you offer catering for events and/or businesses?

We offer our coffee tasting services off location, absolutely. Reach out to to get a quote

How do I book a tasting? - tasting room. 

Do you have gift cards?

Our gift cards are available online, but can be redeemed in store if needed.

Do you sell whole bean or ground coffee?

Whole bean coffee exclusively. We can grind to order, as per request.

What size are your bags of coffee?

The Epoch bags are 250g / 1/4k each.