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Epoch Chemistry Coffee House

Epoch 6 - Capim Seco

Epoch 6 - Capim Seco

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Meet Ciro Dias Pereira, the maestro behind the coffee magic at Capim Seco farm! Taking the reins from his horse-loving brother, Rafael, Ciro has transformed the farm into a caffeinated wonderland. From suspended drying beds to a specially crafted cement patio, Ciro orchestrates a symphony of flavors in every coffee bean.

Since his debut harvest, Capim Seco has become a sensation, with coffee aficionados showering praise on the brew. It's not just about coffee for Ciro; it's a family legacy flowing in his veins. When asked about his motivation, he simply exclaims, "It's in the blood!" The dedication to quality coffee runs deep, and the joy of seeing their brews recognized for excellence keeps the caffeine-fueled passion alive.

Step into Capim Seco, where heritage, innovation, and a dash of caffeine dedication converge. It's not just about brewing coffee; it's a testament to the Dias Pereira family's enduring commitment to excellence – a fun and flavorful journey through generations of coffee mastery!

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