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Know Where Coffee 
  • We are a network of micro exporters, farmers, and coffee professionals & together we create KWC sourcing. Here we source green coffee to order, we sell green coffee ready for export and direct-trade as well. We also help roasters, importers, and micro-roasters learn how to source directly and sustainably. If you’re in search of coffee that is unique to your style of roasting, serving and developing coffee; we are here at your service from our home base Colombia.

  • KWC offers coffee partners a direct link to the source, fostering a deeper connection to origin. Our transparency reports stand out as among the most authentic in the market.

  • KWC ensures each wholesale client receives a unique experience and product tailored to bolster their success. Our expertise and commitment to quality and quality relationships significantly contribute to their business triumphs. How? by providing a fast service, more direct to the source, genuine and connected than ever before.

  • We offer tailored services to everyone interested in sourcing there own coffee through the KWC network. These services include sourcing coffee, designing art & private labeling to your brand’s needs and standards. The goal is to have our partners feel more connected to the origin of their coffee.