Coffee Definitions

New introductions to specialty coffee can seem challenging and daunting. Here a few definitions (at least how we see them) to help you on this journey!

Affogato - Espresso + Ice Cream. Bold espresso with sweet ice cream. Yum.

Americano - Espresso shot + additional water.

Blooming - All roasted coffee beans degas compounds. When hot water makes contact with freshly ground coffee the rate of degassing increases. The effect looks like the grounds expand and puff up. With the exception of espresso, blooming can elevate your coffee game with all other brew methods.

Cappuccino - 1/3 Espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foam.

Cortado - Espresso drink with milk "cut" into it. 1/2 steamed milk, 1/2 espresso

Cold Brew - Different from Iced Coffee, this is made from cold or room temperature water to extract. This can be a lengthy process.

Crema - Caramel foam that appears on top of fresh espresso

Cupping - The process of tasting, scoring and identifying coffees from origin to roast. As essential part of the selection process

Direct Trade - Coffee purchased directly from a farmer or cooperative. 

Espresso - Finely ground coffee + high pressure, measured in ounces

Fair Trade - The idea behind fair trade is to set a certain price to make sure farmers are paid fairly. The issue with this is that the current fair trade price is only $1.20 a lb . This is far too low for what is needed and allows for sketchy practices. Direct Trade and transparency is needed and essential for Epoch Chemistry

Iced Coffee - Similar to Cold Brew but made with hot water for the extraction

Latte - Double shot of espresso + steamed milk, topped with foam. The difference between Latte and Capp is the ratio of ingredients.

Macchiato - Espresso shot with a foam layer of milk on top.

Mocha - Espresso with milk foam on top + chocolate.

Specialty Coffee - Specialty coffee is defined as coffee that scores above 82 points on the cupping table. You can learn more from the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)