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Corvus Coffee

Corvus Coffee- Pangelangan Daerah, Indonesia

Corvus Coffee- Pangelangan Daerah, Indonesia

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Every Corvus Coffee starts with a relationship, focusing on sustainability and quality.

By working directly with farmers, Corvus supports their ability produce incredible coffee and grow their livelihood. Their vision is a world made better with coffee, because of coffee.


Wildan Mustofa and his wife, Atieq Mustikaningtyas started Frinsa Estate in 2012, and have worked as a team- Wildan oversees operations while Atieq manages the books and human resources. With the intention of bringing the best agricultural practices to their region to mitigate landslides and soil erosion; coffee trees were the solution.

Frinsa Estate hyper focuses on sustainability in a way that fully aligns with Corvus’ mission, stating on their website that their version of sustainability is not only about farming and environmental factors, but farmers’ livelihoods to continue producing coffee. Organic agriculture, eco-friendly practices, sharing information and resources are core tenets of the culture at Frinsa Estate.

Region: Pangelangan, West Java, Indonesia
Farm: Frinsa Estate
Producer: Wildan Mustofa
Process: Natural Lactic
Variety: Ateng
Tasting Notes: Strawberry Yogurt, Lemon Pastry, and Vanilla.

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