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Epoch Chemistry Coffee House

Daterra X Auction Gesha Confluêcia

Daterra X Auction Gesha Confluêcia

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2023 Confluêcia- "Confluence"

Introducing the coffee virtuoso: Gesha Amarelo, hailing from plot BV 149. But here's where it gets intriguing – this coffee undergoes a meticulously crafted 60-hour anaerobic process. It's like the beans are attending a gourmet spa retreat, absorbing richness and complexity with every passing hour. This brew isn't just an experience; it's a refined journey for those who appreciate the finer nuances of coffee.


Prepare your senses for a tropical paradise in a cup! The aroma of this coffee is like a tropical vacation – mango, berries, a touch of floral notes, all wrapped up in sweetness. Now, take a sip, and you're in for a flavor adventure – red berries, yellow tropical fruits, a hint of sparkling rosé, and a citrus twist. 

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