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Epoch Chemistry Coffee House

Epoch 3- Tiki Punch

Epoch 3- Tiki Punch

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Origin: Huila, Colombia

Farm: El Rubi

Producer: Wilder Lazo

Wilder Lazo, Forest Coffee's coffee maverick, ventured into the world of coffee in 2017 when he lent a hand to his father on a farm nestled in the San Adolfo mountains. Driven by his unwavering passion for coffee and his family's rich history in the trade, Wilder took a rather distinctive route into the coffee realm. He didn't just dip his toes into specialty coffee; he dove right in. Thanks to his genetic expertise and an insatiable appetite for learning, he kickstarted a varietal program. Today, it boasts over a dozen distinctive coffee varieties, cherry-picked from diverse sources. It's the coffee journey of a lifetime! 

Process: Natural Anaerobic

First, we float the coffee and give it a good drain. Then, it's time for the beans to party in green, food-grade plastic bags – they're left to ferment right inside those bags. But here's the fun part: every day, we give them a little dance with the mucilage, three times a day, for a total of 200 hours! After that wild fermentation ride, it's sunbathing time – the beans chill in the sun for 15 to 20 days. Finally, they enjoy a well-deserved 35-day breather for stabilization. Yep, that's the secret recipe for our fantastic coffee! 

Varietal: SL28

Cupping Profile: Almond, cranberry, dark chocolate, liquorice, maple syrup, papaya, and pineapple notes.



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