Epoch Coffee Tasting

Epoch Coffee Tasting

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This month Maestro Conor is premiering the sustainably-sourced Brazilian coffee offering from Sao Luis, with gorgeous tasting notes of cacao, raisin, and orange peel. We want our community to love coffee, so we are showcasing four different extraction methods to educate and excite the palate.  You will leave this tasting with the experience and knowledge to embrace what you truly enjoy in the coffee world.  Our tasting menu is four courses and you leave with a delicious bag of our roasted coffee.

1 - 21 hour Cold Brew

2 - Pour Over 

3 - Espresso

4 - Affogato (featuring Lost & Found Ice Cream)

Come celebrate the best in coffee by booking your tasting today.



NEXT MONTH: Featuring April Coffee Roasters (COPENHAGEN)

GroundCntrl ColdBrew 

CHEMEX Pour over


Pumpkin Pie Espresso (made with real pumpkin extract)