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Epoch Exclusive- Inmaculada Gesha

Epoch Exclusive- Inmaculada Gesha

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Inmaculada Coffee Farms comprise 60 hectares, of which 36 are planted with exotic varieties, while most of the remaining land is the pristine forest, together with some facilities, nestled on the foothills of the Farallones National Park.

In 2010, Inmaculada Coffee Farms was established by the Holguin family with the goal of blending nature and quality and creating a community-oriented project. Inmaculada, located in the Andes mountains of Colombia, has excelled in producing and processing exceptional coffees.

The brand has been recognized by roasters and competitors as a global guideline for exotic coffees just a few years since the venture began.

Since first trying their Euginiodes in 2020 and 2021 we have been obsessed with trying to procure some of these rare species and varietals to celebrate with our communities. This release has been a ton of fun, hard work, and exceptional tasting coffee.

We have only secured 10kg total of this coffee, bags will be extremely limited and will be a true adventure in flavour and experience.

Origin: Colombia
Producer: Inmaculada Coffee Farms
Region: Valle de Cauca
Elevation: 1900MASL
Process: Natural Anaerobic, raised-bed dried.
Tasting Notes: Elegant White Flowers, Orange, Apricot, Jasmine, with a coating mouthfeel

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