Takamura Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Alaka Natural

Takamura Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Alaka Natural

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Arrived from Mr. Asano!

Mr. Asano moved to Ethiopia for the life of him, cultivated coffee and had a hot and overly passionate desire to deliver wonderful coffee to the world. 

When I hear such passion, I would like to drink it!

I want to cooperate with Mr. Asano! I came to think so.

A year later,I received a sample of green beans from Mr. Asano who returned from Ethiopia. He said, "How about! That's amazing! ! He had a refreshing face.

I saw the green beans of Ethiopian ALaka Natural and immediately understood it. This is really great coffee. I still remember the feeling that I wanted to roast. Immediately, when I was roasting the natural sample, a sweet and pleasant fragrance came out from the middle of roasting. It's still not fired by 50%.

This was my first experience. Although it was in the middle of roasting, I felt the urge to drink it quickly, but when I baked it and immediately cupped it, I lost the word for the liquid that was too wonderful.

I want to deliver such coffee quickly! That thought finally came true!

Great coffee that I can't say any more. Please try it.

□PRODUCER/METAD Agricultural Development plc
□VARIETIES/Ethiopian Heirlooms
□ROASTING/ Light roast