Epoch Chemistry Coffee Mobile Events

Create a buzzworthy partnership that is grounds for success!

Providing exceptional service, consistently excellent coffee and various package options, Epoch is your number one choice to elevate the quality of coffee served at your event.

Please fill out the event inquiry form below or reach out to events@epoch.coffee for more information.

Email events@epoch.coffee for a more detailed offering list and explainations

Package Offerings

Drip Pickup/Dropoff/Service

Drip coffee, cold brew, or both, either picked up or delivered with or without service from a barista. Cups & lids included.

Espresso Package

Full barista services, espresso offerings (double shot espresso, cortado, flat black, flat white, americano, latte). Cups, lids, milk, cream and sugar included.

Hybrid Package

Full barista service, drip, cold brew, espresso offerings, cups, lids, milk, cream and sugar included.

Specialized Event

Case by case specialized collabs. Inquire for details.

Sample Bags

Sample bags of 75g with personalized collab labels of our Epoch 6.

Wholesale Priced Coffee

Bulk coffee at a wholesale price to brew yourself at an event.

  • Flat Rate

    Organization/event host pays a flat rate and drinks are free for attendees.

  • Base Rate

    Organization/event host pays a base rate to cover basic costs for the Epoch team. Attendees pay for their own drinks.