Epoch 9 - Ethiopia Gesha Village Lot 024

Epoch 9 - Ethiopia Gesha Village Lot 024

Importer: FORWARD Coffee

Price Paid per LB after Roasting: $19.66

Volume Purchased: 60kg

Origin: Ethiopia

Farm: Gesha Village

Process: Natural

Harvest Date: August-September

Tasting Notes: berry smoothie, lemon curd, honey, apple, crisp

Gesha Village is one of the most cherished coffee producers on the planet with 471-hectares in the Bench Maji zone of Ethiopia, nearby the town of Gesha and the Gori Gesha forest, the birthplace of the Gesha variety.

Owned and operated by Adam Overton, Rachel Samuel and Willem Boot, this project was started in 2007 and has quickly developed to be an idolized producer in the specialty coffee world. With ~320 hectares planted of Gesha 1931, Gori Gesha and Illubabor Forest varieties, throughout 8 different zones that correlate with unique terroir.

This lot comes from the Gaylee block, which is named after the southeast-facing neighbourhood nearby to the farm, where Gesha Villages water source comes from. This lot is exclusively planted with Illubabor Forest, a variety that was discovered in the nearby areas and is taken directly to dry for 28 days in raised beds under the sun and mixed shade. There is no intentional fermentation stage utilized.

The profile on this lot is very red and berry-like. There's brilliant berry tones in the form of strawberry, raspberry and some blackberry qualities. The acidity is winey and refresing, and there's a great pink lemonade quality. Smooth and refreshing.

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