Epoch Chemistry Coffee Tasting Experience

A coffee tasting experience unlike any other!


$35.00 – $50.00 per person



About this experience

Off to Myanmar


Join our new origin tasting and discover how coffee from one place can taste drastically different due to a change in brewing method!


We're overjoyed to share this experience with all of you and to be able to serve such a unique coffee. You rarely here of Myanmar when people are talking about coffee and that is one of the many reasons we picked this coffee to use in the tasting room. We bought this coffee through Forward Coffee out of Calgary AB. This Coffee is from a farm call Finca El Cerro and produced by Behind the Leaf. 


1st Course

Start with a drip coffee made on our Ground Control Machine 

2nd Course

Experience the V60 brewing method in a hands on and interactive course

3rd Course

The anaerobic wahed Red Catuai as espresso showcases a new side of this coffee 

4th Course

Our final course, called the Long Myle combines flavors of lavender, cayenne, and maple in a complex yet comfy milk beverage


Our experienced guides will take you through the steps of brewing, tasting, and understanding the unique flavors and aromas of this region. Don't worry, we'll teach you how to replicate these impressive drinks and leave you feeling like a coffee connoisseur.

Grab your friends and come join us for a fun-filled, caffeine-fueled adventure!

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