Epoch Chemistry Coffee Tasting Experience

A coffee tasting experience unlike any other!


$35.00 – $50.00 per person


1h  –  13h

About this experience

This month the Epoch team is featuring our Guatemalan & Ethiopian coffees roasted by our very own Rachelle on the STRONGHOLD S9X.

Starting with the Guatemalan coffee brewed on the Ground Control. This coffee is seriously one of the best we have ever tried in the "Epoch 6" profile (coffee tasting coffee). It is an elevated experience for any lover of coffee. 

The second course is the hands-on section of the tasting. We guide you through brewing your own Clever Dripper with our Epoch 9 Ethiopian Gogogu. This profile is bright, fruity, and tea-like. Perfect for a mid-morning pick me up.

During the third course, we go over the preparation of Espresso. We explain how to reach a perfect extraction using some of our favourite tools! 

The last course is always changing, and probably the most exciting. This month we're featuring an Oatmeal Cranberry Cortado made with Minor Figures oat milk and a homemade cranberry syrup.

1- Coffee Brewed on the Ground Control

2- V60

3- Single Shot of Espresso

4- Lost & Found X Epoch Suprise 

Come celebrate and discover coffee with us!

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