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Epoch Chemistry Coffee House

Epoch 6- Toffee Lagoon

Epoch 6- Toffee Lagoon

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The Lagoinha farm spans 203 hectares, but only 120 hectares are
dedicated to coffee production. Located in Carmo de Cachoeira at an
altitude of 1000-1100 m.a.s.l, the farm grows a variety of traditional
coffee cultivars, including Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai, Acaia, and
Mundo Novo

While the farm has long produced coffee
for the commercial market, it has now
shifted its focus exclusively to growing
specialty coffee in response to the
increasing demand and new generation of
coffee farmers. Since 2019, this 120-
hectare farm has been managed by two
partners, Carlos Canellas and Matheus
Avelar. Their shared vision was to
transform this beautiful and productive
coffee farm into a source of high-quality
Brazilian coffees for the world to enjoy
The Natural Yellow Bourbon was carefully
selected by our sorting team and then
dried on a patio for 72 hours until it
reached the ideal moisture content.

Location / Farm
Carmo de Cachoeira,
15 – 25 oC
Botanical Cultivars
Yellow Bourbon

Soil Characteristics
Volcanic ashes
Annual Rainfall
250 mm

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