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Epoch Chemistry Coffee House

Epoch Excelsior - Exclusive Collaboration.

Epoch Excelsior - Exclusive Collaboration.

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                                Tasting Notes:

Wine Gummies, Cacao Nibs, Poached Pear, Vanilla.

A few first here for the team at Epoch. A collaboration label with an exceptional local artist, raising money for the most worthy of charities, paired with a first time release of El Salvador on the menu. Stoked would be an understatement.

The Artist.

Born in New Brunswick but a true adventurer, Bronwyn has primarily lived in England since 2012. Over the past two years, she has returned to Atlantic Canada and travelled across Canada while working on new pieces. Self-taught, she enjoys developing her abilities through experimentation, instinct for colour and connecting with other artists.

Bronwyn treats her responsibility to create art with great care. She often creates pieces based on developing healthy thought patterns, breaking out of the old and moving into the new. By combining powerful words and striking colour, she works so mindsets are lifted and fortified in truth and sincerity. With her art, Bronwyn breaks through expectations, boundaries and most importantly; judgements about ourselves.

The Program.

The Sistema music program empowers children to reach their full potential through orchestral music education, aligning seamlessly with Bronwyn's commitment to excellence and social change. Bronwyn, a conscientious artist, crafts pieces that inspire healthy thought patterns, breaking through barriers and fostering personal growth.

This event, hosted by the storytellers at Epoch Chemistry, will serve as a fundraiser for the Sistema New Brunswick Elsipogtog Centre. It's also a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Bronwyn's meaningful art within a new community.


The Coffee

Finca Espana, El Salvador.

Finca España is currently under the direction of Fernando and his mother-in-law, Edith Eleonora Lemus de Diaz Nuila (Nora). España was established by Nora’s great-grandfather, Rodrigo Herrera in 1860. Passing down the generations, Nora was the first to strive for excellence and quality and committed to only producing specialty grade coffee. With Fernando’s help in the past few years, the trees on her farm have become more fertile and the soil more sustainable, and coffee has been seeing newer processing methods that have overall increased the revenue from Finca España.

Origin: El Salvador
Producer: Finca Espana 
Varietal: Red Bourbon / Castillo
Process: Anaerobic Natural 
Elevation: 1500 MASL


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